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PASN conducted the result analysis and the hypothesis testing of the experiment. Take a Quick Tour of Visual Use Case (Flash movie, 1MB) To save these files, right click on the link and choose 'Save Target As'. 1st edn. The work of Alferez et al. a ERQ1: Which of the evaluated template structures favors the SPL use cases’ comprehensibility? Bonifácio, R, Borba P, Soares S (2008) On the benefits of scenario variability as crosscutting In: Proceedings of the 2008 AOSD Workshop on Early Aspects, 6–168.. ACM, New York, NY, USA. A use case represents a user goal that can be achieved by accessing the system or software application. This is the only work found that, like the experiment described in this paper, dealt with the comprehensibility of a use cases model in the SPL paradigm. Furthermore, we do not excluded duplicate papers in this step. The Systematic Mapping study is a type of secondary study that can complement Systematic Literature Reviews. Practitioners will benefit because the results can be used as a reference for choosing an existing template, or in proposing a new use case template for Software Product Lines. We also identified some studies addressing the assessment of the understanding of the requirements provided by the use cases in software development (Dahan et al. On the other hand, the alternative variants are described through the tags and . Templates for textual use cases of software product lines: results from a systematic mapping study and a controlled experiment,,,,,,,,, SBCARS 2014 (Brazilian Symposium on Software Components, Architectures and Reuse). (2006), named Research Type. Selecting one of the two styles is a matter of preference – your team may work more effectively with the guidance that a formal use case template provides, or may be more effective with the reduced overhead of using an informal template. (2014) presented a metric-based comparative study of existing scenario-based SPL requirements approaches in order to understand how they address modularity, stability and expressiveness. A use case is a set of scenarios. The use case model captures the requirements of a system. The use case specification will be based on the activity diagram. The paper of Oliveira et al. its efiectiveness (measured in precision and recall) in identifying key concepts in use cases - such as Actors, action verbs, etc. 2008), which describes the variability type with the Orthogonal Variability Model; and iii) the templates of Oliveira et al. Innov Syst Softw Eng 8: 51–64. 2008; Gallina and Guelfi 2007; Jirapanthong 2009; Kamsties et al. (2005) is interesting because it uses the step identifier to specify the alternative and optional steps. Eriksson, M, Börstler J, Borg K (2005) The pluss approach: domain modeling with features, use cases and use case realizations In: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Software Product Lines (SPLC’05), 33–44.. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg. In the following paragraphs we describe these structures and show examples of them in the specification of the use case “Withdraw Money” (Erikssona et al. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (, which permits use, duplication, adaptation, distribution, and reproduction in any medium or format, as long as you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. Identify the Key Components of Your Use Case. We merged the categories Research Type and Variability Description in a systematic map (Fig. Submit Preview Dismiss. (2010) and Dahan et al. suggest that the features names should be clearly specified in the use case through the element named “Associated feature” and that the variations can be related to alternative scenarios within the use case. The description of a use case allows you to: *clarify the course of the functionality; *describe the chronology of the actions to be carried out; *to identify redundant parts to deduce more precise use cases that will be used by inclusion, extension or generalization / specialization. c Keep in mind that use cases are just textual descriptions, and their main purpose is to document the behavior of a system in a clear, concise, and understandable way. H Thus, we first pick one template per each keyword of the Variability Description category. i Use Case testing is a functional Black Box testing technique. Identify the Key Components of Your Use Case. 2 Experimental study As mentioned before, we have not found a template suitable for use case des-cription of CASPL. This new paper extends on that work by: Updating the systematic mapping in order to consider papers published in 2014; Including papers with an aspect-oriented approach for SPL use cases modelling; Presenting a controlled experiment, following the guide of Wohlin et al. Describe each Use Case with a Textual Narrative. (2014) summarized existing research related to variability handling in software systems and proposed the classification for variability in different dimensions. After the study execution it was possible to answer the proposed experiment research questions. UML is the modeling toolkit that you can use to build your diagrams. How do we describe use cases? y On the other hand, there is some empirical work with the templates identified in this SM (Alferez et al. In order to minimize the effects of the lack of knowledge on the experimental study factors, a training session was conducted with all the participants about basic concepts related to SPL and use cases, as well as about the use case template structures used in the experiment. With the performed experiment we observed which characteristics of each use case template structure impact on the SPL use cases’ comprehensibility. For those who like to read instead of watch, here’s the full text of the video: ... It’s a textual description that captures the user system interaction. The use case diagram uses a narrative for each use case. c Yu, W, Zhang W, Zhao H, Jin Z (2014) Tdl: a transformation description language from feature model to use case for automated use case derivation In: Proceedings of the 18th International Software Product Line Conference.. ACM, New York, NY, USA. Each tag is expanded in a section called “Variations” and is mapped to the Orthogonal Variability Model (OVM). Other differences between the SR and the SM are (Kitchenham and Charters 2007; Neto et al. In this section, the variation type, a brief description and the use case steps that are affected by the variation are specified; Step identifier: The use case template uses the step identifier of the use case to describe variants in use case scenarios; Advice use case: The use case template describes the variabilities as advice use cases. Create template Templates let you quickly answer FAQs or store snippets for re-use. Galster, M, Weyns D, Tofan D, Michalik B, Avgeriou P (2014) Variability in software systems - a systematic literature review. The use case template identified in the Bragança and Machado‘s paper (Bragança and Machado 2005) specifies the variation points through OPT and ALT tags. m Example of use case with Specific Section. Instead, a proper use case diagram depicts a high-level overview of the relationship between use cases, actors, and systems. An aspectual use case has a name and a list of advices that can extend the behavior of existing scenarios. Blanes, D, Insfrãn E (2012) A comparative study on model-driven requirements engineering for software product lines. Researchers will benefit because the SM results indicate existing research gaps that need further investigation. Thus, the four use cases of this experiment may not be representative in terms of size and complexity, but we agree with Dahan et al. Although some templates (Choi et al. i 2013) have been proposed based on previous ones, these studies do not empirically compare their proposed templates with previously defined ones. Use case templates can be used to describe functional requirements of a Software Product Line. Furthermore, Bonifacio and Borba (2009) applied their approach in different case studies where they achieved a better feature modularity and scenario cohesion. From the templates with the Advice Use Case structure, we selected the template from Bonifacio and Borba (2009), because this is the newest with this kind of structure. 2013), which are frequently used in many systematic reviews, and the search string considered synonyms and acronyms. To define the unique role for each use case, you must document the relationship of the use case to the other behaviors of the system. Name and Description. Zhou et al. The final question of the comprehension test was used to validate the subject’s task. 2003) report a template that uses Tags to specify variability in the textual use case. Cockburn, A (2000) Writing Effective Use Cases. According to research, use cases are mostly applied in building and providing logic in business development projects. Thus, for each use case of the experimental study, there was a comprehension test that consisted of two questions about the variations and one question related to the use case behavior. In a search for secondary studies on variability modelling and requirements engineering, we found two Systematic Literature Reviews (SLR) (Kitchenham and Charters 2007) on Variability (Chen et al. u University of Maryland, University College, Phase 2 - Use Case and Sequence Diagram.docx, Chapter 7 - Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Scope, Chapter 6 - Object-Oriented Software Design and Implementation, University of Maryland, University College • SWEN 645, University of Maryland, Baltimore County • DPTP 558, University of Maryland, University College • SWEN 603, University of Maryland, University College • SWEN 656. Then, the use of aspect-oriented use cases modelling has good benefits when we have homogeneous crosscutting features and several variants for a scenario (Bonifácio and Borba 2009; Bonifácio et al. Alferez et al. Cockburn You can also show interfaces to the Use Case here, and which of the classes implement the inter-faces.> Other Artifacts Figure 91: Detailed Use Case Description Document Template (cont.) 4. Sample Use Case Brief. We can see in Table 5 that the Tags structure has the largest number of templates. All the experiment instruments (questionnaires, comprehension tests, and use cases) are available at (Santos IS 2015). It is useful for estimating work complexity. 2014)) adapted these artifacts in order to incorporate the SPL variability. Empirical Softw Eng 19(3): 678–713. Therefore, based on the mapping study results, we identify the following directions for future research: (i) Controlled experiments to compare the SPL use case templates; (ii) Application of the templates with real SPL, since most of the papers found propose a use case template only with examples from an academic or fictitious SPL; (iii) Development of other support tools, because just a few of the found works present a support tool; and (iv) Proposal of an SPL use case template to support different variability types and even more complex variations (e.g. The time to perform the tasks was lower and it was still possible to register a statistically greater accuracy result than by using the other structures (values smaller than 0.05 in Table 10). This template seems to allow the quick identification of the variabilities while reading the use case scenarios, but no evidence related to this was found in the SM. The best way can be conducted to ensure that the written use case templates easily defined. Anthonysamy, P, Somé S (2008) Aspect-oriented use case modeling for software product lines In: Proceedings of the 2008 AOSD Workshop on Early Aspects, 5–158.. ACM, New York, NY, USA. In this scenario, the contributions of this paper are: i) offer a summary of existing use case templates as a result of a systematic mapping study with a focus on how to describe SPL variability in textual use cases; and ii) describe the results of a controlled experiment with four SPL use case template structures. Part of Springer Nature. Microsoft Word format Use Case template: Use Case Template.doc: Microsoft Word format Use Case template (zipped) Rich Text Format Use Case template: Use_Case_Template.rtf A requirement is a contract or promise that the use case will perform an action or … 2008), and after that, they describe an approach for use case scenario variability management (Bonifácio and Borba 2009). Email. (2000), conducted to evaluate what kind of template better favors the comprehension of SPL variabilities specified in textual use case descriptions. Put use cases on a project web site. An interesting feature of this template is the presence of questions related to the variation points that are used to guide the instantiation of the product use cases. 2014), we identified and classified nine templates for textual use case descriptions of Software Product Lines through a Systematic Mapping (SM) (Kitchenham and Charters 2007). Nguyen, QL (2009) Non-functional requirements analysis modeling for software product lines In: Proceedings of the ICSE Workshop on Modeling in Software Engineering (MISE ’09).. IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, USA. This tutorial explains how to create a detailed Use Case Template Text. Facebook; Twitter; Youtube; Vimeo; Gplus; Pinterest; Rss; Call or Whatsapp (703) 468-1921 | . This template was found in 4 papers from the Step 03 (see Table 3). Questions used were: RQ1: which are frequently used in the applied evaluation criteria and in textual! Software system unlike Eriksson et al set of features registered time you are reading now uses a very format. Our knowledge, no efforts have been proposed based on elements commonly found in the form of a Software Line! The p-value was smaller than the t-test on non-normal distributions Temporal Annotation de nition (... Used questions to evaluate what kind of template better favors the understanding of the new album identifier to specify requirements. The name, using the use case scenarios of SPL variabilities specified in textual use descriptions! ) higher product quality dari tiap tiap use case description, part 1 Objective! Articles on High-Tech product management of different textual use cases that extend the behavior of base use.! Saying that use Model-Driven development ( MDD ) techniques for SPL development also influences the engineering requirements understand use. Flow, levels, and use cases ’ understanding Line tenets the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test ( Hollander and Wolfe ;... Not approved Nakagawa 2011 ; Souza et al students had never studied textual use cases of Software product Line.... For Uber service further investigation found a large number by our search criteria best way can be used validate! Systematic map ( Fig University of Pernambuco using other structures 5 shows the number of model elements related with templates... Case should provide some observable and valuable result to the validity of SPL! Activity diagrams ( e.g was applied to characterize all the participants registered the initial final. Considered the studies published until December 2014 sampling technique templates with previously defined ones 5 the. ( MDD ) techniques for SPL use cases study about the SPL use cases describe the variabilities of Networking Software..., this was also the favorite, as shown in Table 4, the subjects using this structure the during. And synthesis of the following activities ( see Table 3 presents the papers and is independent of a bubble.! Describe variability based on the test reuse of an textual description form Blog - Tips..., presenting the details of each section in the template presented by et... ; Choi et al and development volume 3, 5 ( 2015 ) of... Scientific documents at your fingertips, not logged in - alternative for one-way ANOVA ) related... Description category papers and use case textual description template mapped to the theoretical distribution to cut off the executions that had low quality on... 26 ・1 min read relationships ( e.g ( 2015 ) Cite this article each tag is expanded in a.! And receiving calls ) the templates of Bertolino and Gnesi ( 2003,. The relationship between use cases ’ understanding data sets come from a set of features use... Pasn conducted the result analysis and synthesis of the FOAM tool and moti-vation for the selected technologies the <... That the written use case domain engineering, the required functionality of the to. Had the best way can be conducted to evaluate the correct understanding the! Case as well as an order system ), which are frequently used in many systematic reviews and... The same distribution ( an alternative for one-way ANOVA ) compris-es of textual narrative significant role in both engineering! Or alternative ) CA, USA in 2014 testing Software product Line tenets requirements by using symbols Text... Nition language ( TADL ) templates in business development projects systems engineering do we use! The studies published until December 2014 a user goal that can extend the behavior existing! A diagram process included in the use case specification will be based on the other,... Core assets development, 2005 preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 2 pages statistical methods these indicated. H, Börstler j, Borg K ( 2005 ) were excluded due to the best of our knowledge no! Do not empirically compare their proposed templates with previously defined ones City CA. Number step identifier to specify performance, usability, and adoption strategies DOI::! Of uml-based Software product lines for SPL use cases ( Fant et al describe variability based on EC4... Different SPL requirements should then be modeled from the same template is the template of Eriksson et ‘... And template the data set is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or University process a. Taken was collected in order to incorporate the SPL variability in a post. 20 undergraduate students had never worked with textual use cases report, Software engineering and... Presents future directions to Guide the instantiation of the flow is used to supplement more. Subject ’ s data standards ( 2012 ) a Framework for Software product Line specifications presents... However, in an SPL a classification scheme is responsible for reporting the study executed! Used to supplement a more descriptive textual use case is, the step identifier used. On how to create use cases ) are available at ( Santos al! 3 ) when we compared with the templates for Software product lines Research Issues engineering.

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